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Helpful Resources

Listening Sessions

Held in summer and fall of 2020, these community-engagement listening sessions helped shape this initiative in fundamental ways. Entrants should be sure to watch these sessions before developing their proposals, as a guide to understanding the diversity of opinion in Los Angeles on topics related to the future of housing policy in low-rise communities. Several of the featured panelists and facilitators will return to participate as jurors.

Public Investment

This session explored how the process of guiding public investment in transit lines, open space, and elsewhere can be attentive and responsive to concerns regarding housing affordability, speculative investment, and potential displacement. Featuring panelists Mariana Huerta Jones (ACT-LA), Irma Muñoz (Mujeres de la Tierra), and Tafarai Bayne and Jason Foster (Destination Crenshaw), with facilitator David Levitus (LA Forward)

Affordable Housing Models and Community Response

Given the architectural and cultural contexts of low-rise neighborhoods, this session explored how communities are responding to affordable housing development and how nonprofit developers are modifying their projects to find success. Featuring panelists Stephanie Klasky-Gamer (LA Family Housing), Becky Dennison (Venice Community Housing), and Channa Grace (WORKS), with facilitator Helen Leung (LA Más, Los Angeles City Planning Commission)

Transformative Climate Communities

This session explored how the L.A. communities of Pacoima and Watts have modeled their TCC grants from the State of California as models to increase sustainably-minded housing policies that reflect community aspiration. Featuring panelists Veronica Padilla (Pacoima Beautiful) and Ivory Chambeshi (Watts Rising), with facilitator Adonia Lugo (Antioch University)

Sustainability Across Regions

In partnership with the Neighborhood Council Sustainability Alliance, this session explored how community members want to see their neighborhoods grow in line with sustainable development at both the neighborhood and regional levels. Featuring panelist Lisa Hart and other representatives of the Neighborhood Council Sustainability Alliance, with facilitator Dominique Hargreaves (Deputy Chief Sustainability Officer, City of Los Angeles)

Community Land Trusts and Cooperative Housing Models

This session explored how community land trust models are being used in Los Angeles to increase homeownership opportunities, and how they have begun to redefine models of shared and communitarian living. Featuring panelists Oscar Monge (T.R.U.S.T. South LA), Leslie Ezeh (Beverly Vermont Community Land Trust), and Sua Hernandez (El Sereno Community Land Trust), with facilitator Cynthia Strathmann (Strategic Actions for a Just Economy)

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Helpful Resources